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About us

We're a powerful Team of 3 specialists for gynaecology and obstetrics. (Dr. Detlef Brückmann - DEGUM level II courseleader, Dr. Andreas Brückmann - DEGUM level II, Dr. Britta Hinnendahl and Dr. Juliane Franiel). Our centres of gravity are:

  • prenatal diagnosis, first trimester screening, prenatal care
  • breast ultrasound, early cancer diagnosis, infant- and adolescent gynaecology, psychosomatic primary care,
  • preventiv- und nutritional medicine, hormon- and coagulation diagnostics.

You can find us in the medical centre in Erfurt, at Talknoten and in the medical centre Aue 2, in Suhl.

Here you can consult the doctor online.

We speak English   Mы говорим по-русски .



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